Inspections with any Wireless Device - OrangeQC

In partnership with OrangeQC, we've enabled you to move to a new level of sophistication at a price you can afford. We offer push-button upload of data from our software to web servers where you can access it from any wireless devise Once on the web, you and your customers can view performances and communicate results throughout your organization. OrangeQC offers you the ability to do the following:

Perform inspections for cleaning and NON-CLEANING tasks

Capture location, area type, date and time, inspector, employee, GPS data

View performance summaries, inspection frequencies, and deficiencies by location, area type, inspector, employee, line items, supervisory zones, and more

Add photos or comments to any inspection

Setup and manage facilities on your own

Create customized inspection forms and input types

Configure individual user permissions and the locations which they can access