Calculate your Non-Cleaning Times

How do you account for the employees in your custodial department who do not have designated cleaning areas? Some may have a small cleaning area or some other cleaning functions, but the majority of their time is spent on non-cleaning activities.

These functions may include activity set-ups, maintenance, grounds, security, lunch duties, contingencies and management duties. A complete investigation and documentation of your non-cleaning functions along with your designated cleaning areas will give you a comprehensive staffing picture for your entire facilities.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer this question. When are the most productive times to clean a building? The answer: when no one is in the building! Unfortunately, life doesn’t close down at 5 o’clock any more. There are some areas that must be cleaned during the time that staff and customers occupy the building. There are some buildings that never close.

Most of your employees have designated cleaning areas. What I mean by a designated cleaning area is a portion of a building cleaned on a routine basis that a specific employee is responsible for. They may have some non-cleaning activities, but overall their main function is the cleaning of their designated areas.

You can determine how the amount of time it takes to clean a designated area. Perform a space inventory, apply cleaning standards, and assign specific areas or rooms to employees. With some work upfront, you can create equalized schedules that guide your cleaners through the designated assignments.

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