About Keeler Consulting

Kevin Keeler
I am Kevin Keeler, a regular guy that has spent most of my life in the cleaning profession. During that time, I have developed the ability to crunch the numbers and develop the data that is needed for good decision making. My multi-level experiences in the cleaning industry, has given me the unique ability to communicate with just about anyone: including your administrative, supervisory and custodial staff.

In 1993, I started Keeler Consulting formerly Facility Assessment and Custodial Training (FACT). At first I worked lots of hours and made very little money, but I kept falling forward. Today, there are very few situations related to custodial operations that I have not seen. With my experiences and the powerful cleaning software tools that are available, my expertise is to make sure that the unique features of your operations are accounted for.

Judy Gillies
Judy Gillies has worked in the janitorial and building services industry for more than 10 years, and thrives in a changing environment. Judy is an Industry Certified Expert (ICE), and is well-versed in all areas of business including sales, finance and operations. She has provided financial guidance, business solutions, and turnaround strategies to a wide variety of corporations. As a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Judy is a qualified professional who understands the janitorial and business services industry,and has made it her goal to help service providers get more attuned to their customer needs through fair, efficient and standardized business practices.
Judy is also an expert in Cleaning Industry Management Standardization (CIMS)