Consulting Services from Keeler Consulting
Consulting, Facilitation and Mediation Services
Kevin Keeler When you need an objective view of a project, partnership or situation, think of Keeler Consulting. Our services allow you to move your initiatives forward. Give us the parameters, and we’ll do the rest. As on objective partner, Keeler Consulting can take the emotions out of your issues and move your organization closer to effective solutions for your Cleaning Operations.

Cleaning Management Software Set-up and Training
If you are not familiar with the basics of cleaning management software, can provide you with the set-up and training that gets you off on the right foot. We have worked with these concepts and this software for many years. Our expertise will save you numerous hours and headaches by showing you the best practices in Cleaning Management Software and the shortcuts to cleanliness, cost effectiveness, and accountability.

Judy Gillies Roll Out of RFP
Request for Proposal (RFP) is a detailed process requiring industry expertise and insider knowledge to effectively develop and negotiate acceptable terms that conform to your needs and high standards. We will manage this time consuming project throughout every step so that you can feel confident that your janitorial service is providing you with a maintenance plan that is best suited to your building. The process includes: working in conjunction with the client’s senior management team to roll out a detailed RFP, providing accurate information in order to receive fair market pricing. Detailed 3rd party analysis and recommendations are provided to ensure that the right contractor is hired to implement cleaning outlined in the Scope of Work.

Custodial Training Kevin is a certified teacher of Custodial Services and has spent over twenty years in direct instruction of the cleaning process. Over the years, Kevin has developed the ability to deliver presentations and provide custodial training in an efficient, effective and entertaining style. “As a teacher and a presenter, it is my job to inspire people to action. I want custodians and managers to know the specifics of cleaning, but I also want them to understand and celebrate the importance of our profession.” Kevin has shared his message with numerous groups including International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), The International Executive Housekeepers Association (I.E.H.A.), Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO), and the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (NARVC).

Speaking Topics:

Guarding the Treasures – Key Note
Learn the secret of loving your job as a member of the cleaning profession. This session is filled with humor, insight and lots of fun. You and your staff will learn how to make your workplace more productive and enjoyable.

Effective Cleaning (Daily/Project)
This session concentrates on cleaning. It explores and reviews specific chemicals, equipment, procedures and organizational methods that can be used to increase the efficiency, quality, and safety of your cleaning team. This is an excellent course for the beginner or a great refresher for the veteran.

Organizing your Cleaning Operations
Learn how to standardize your cleaning operations. This session is designed to provide you with the tools and ability to document your cleaning tasks, chemicals, equipment, procedures and cleaning frequencies for your entire operations.

Cleaning By the Numbers
Learn how to quantify cleaning. This session shows you the nuts and bolts of a staffing assessment. It is designed to provide you with the ability to measure, count, and calculate your cleaning needs.

Working with the Disabled
People with disabilities can provide dependable and predictable cleaning results for you. Learn how to effectively train and manage cognitively impaired, learning disabled and emotionally impaired individuals.