Customized Solutions for your Cleaning Operations

Keeping Track of Your Cleaners

The following article is from Behind the Broom and is written by Judy Gillies, President and Founder of the Surge Group.

Accountability is a word commonly used these days. It is much easier to say than to implement. With the increasing number of mobile workers, there is a need to track the activities performed by these workers. However, there is good news; there are options out there that can provide solutions. They are mobile time and attendance workflow systems.

Software: Your Silent Partner

CMS (Cleaning Management Software) will improve efficiency in every aspect of your operation, because all the relevant information is in one place and connected through the magic of an inter-relational database. Think about a room full of file cabinets, holding reams of paper, containing years’ worth of information recorded or tabulated by hand. Now imagine it needing to be pulled and coordinated to create reports, perform studies, or simply determine what one individual’s job entails.

Green Cleaning: Understanding your Options

The following article is from Behind the Broom and is written by Lance Witschen, President and Founder of 1Class Consulting.

Prior to the 1970’s, environmental responsibility was something that was espoused by only a few doomsayers, as it were. Then came the fuel shortages and the fuel crisis of 1973; oil was deemed a limited resource, one that needed to be protected and conserved. Average citizens across this country had come to the realization that the days of indulgent use and waste of resources was something that was no longer acceptable.

Bigger Cleaning Budgets Can Lower Costs

Health care associated infections, some due to a contaminated environment, cost lives and add billions of dollars to U.S. health care costs each year.

Gina’s head was spinning as she left the meeting. The Medical Center where she worked for 20 years was demanding a 10 percent cut in her cleaning staff. They had just added a new cardiac care wing, equipped with the most advanced technology. How could they invest so much in the Medical Center without recognizing the need for the highly qualified and well-trained environmental services workers required to clean it?

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