Customized Solutions for Cleaning Operations

Partnerships: Expanding Your Operations

As a third-shift custodian at McDonalds, I thought my ability to clean the area behind the counters was second to none. I worked extremely hard at that job. Whenever my shift was over, the grills were silver, the stainless steel shone and, most important of all, the floors were greaseless. I was convinced I had perfected that job as no one else could.

Facility Requirements: Not all the Same

The following article is from Behind the Broom and is written by Lance Witschen, President and Founder of 1Class Consulting.

Deciding what it is that your facility needs can be relatively simple. It can come down to merely a matter of dollars and cents- how much you can get for what you are willing to pay. On the other hand, making decisions based solely on the amount of money you are willing to spend can have consequences that will end up costing the facility much more in the long run.

Software: Your Silent Partner

CMS (Cleaning Management Software) will improve efficiency in every aspect of your operation, because all the relevant information is in one place and connected through the magic of an inter-relational database. Think about a room full of file cabinets, holding reams of paper, containing years’ worth of information recorded or tabulated by hand. Now imagine it needing to be pulled and coordinated to create reports, perform studies, or simply determine what one individual’s job entails.

Is Team Cleaning for your School?

West Ottawa Public Schools are located in Holland, Michigan, a scenic community on the Lake Michigan shore. West Ottowa has an enrollment of 8,090 students housed in 13 buildings including two high school, two middle schools, and nine elementary schools. The school district covers 1.6 million square feet of buildings on 420 acres of land, maintained by a staff of 39 custodians, six maintenance people, and five grounds people.

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