Honest Assessment of your Cleaning Operations

Build Your Cleaning Team

Where I grew up, we had a baseball game running on most summer days, with all the neighborhood kids participating at one point or another. When more kids wanted to play than there were spots on the team, it was always the younger ones who had to sit it out. They were, however, expected to participate by chasing foul balls, keeping the bats in order and getting drinks for the older kids. There were no adults to mediate disputes, but then, there weren’t many. You could play by the rules or forget about ever getting a spot on the team.

Standardization: Getting on the Same Page

One of my first cleaning jobs was for a McDonald's restaurant. To this day, I still cannot drive by the ‘golden arches’ without it conjuring up a few fond memories. Believe it or not, I learned a lot at that job that carried into my later positions as a cleaner, teacher and, eventually, a consultant to other cleaning organizations. One of the most important lessons McDonald’s taught me was the importance of standardization.

It’s Not Just a Job: It’s a Profession

Attending conferences and other industry events can change the way you see your work.
As a manager of cleaning operations, working for the same organization and seeing the same people every day, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. This is especially true in cleaning where many of us fell into our occupation rather than choosing it.

Green Cleaning: Understanding your Options

The following article is from Behind the Broom and is written by Lance Witschen, President and Founder of 1Class Consulting.

Prior to the 1970’s, environmental responsibility was something that was espoused by only a few doomsayers, as it were. Then came the fuel shortages and the fuel crisis of 1973; oil was deemed a limited resource, one that needed to be protected and conserved. Average citizens across this country had come to the realization that the days of indulgent use and waste of resources was something that was no longer acceptable.

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